Crystal Pier Records


The Story of Crystal Pier Records

March 16th 2016 was the first contact made between Richard Owens (UK) and Caj Rosenqvist (Swe). Caj Rosenqvist was head of music for a radio station called C&S Radio (Country & Songs Radio) and was looking for new and independent music for the station and found Rich Evans on twitter. Songs from the Riding Blind EP was submitted by Rich and there you have the beginning of a new kind of production and partnership.
We have sent mail and messages to each other since then, but the first time we ever talked was through a radio show in July 30th 2020. Why we haven’t actually had a voice conversation before that is actually a mystery, but we have made our points clear a lot of time. But we promise, we will talk more now because we have so many projects coming up. Crystal Pier Records is a label name but behind it are at the moment Baby Dylan Records and Edsbro Music, two independent production teams with different approaches. The name is something Rich found in his old scrap book from the time he spent in USA and Crystal Pier can be recognized in Santa Monica, but it is also a name from different places in Scandinavia where the translated name can be a bit the same. But most of all, it is a state of mind, something clear and something pure.We decided from the beginning, if we gonna work together it will be by our choice, our ideas and by our hands, so a lot of Do It Yourself attitude. And the story will continue ……