Caj Rosenqvist

Producer and engineer

The journey


My first band was formed in 1982; we were 9 years old and more or less everyone involved sang and played. We got a good start though, by being interviewed on a regional radio station.


After that I went through a number of different band line-ups as I learned to play - guitar mainly - but I also tried my hand on many other instruments. After finishing school, I was the first of my classmates to receive a scholarship in music; mainly for my commitment, but also owing to the fact that I dared to try new approaches. It was this desire to experiment that drove my interest in music. I then started to read marketing, but after two years my studies in music continued.


At the music institute where I studied, there was also a studio where I started with the basics of recording technology. However, the big breakthrough came in 1996 when I got my first contract for YLE as a sound engineer at Musikradion. During the first 5 years I worked with over 100 recordings and live broadcasts - some of my recordings also became records.


In 2000 I took a break from the life of an active music technician and started working more within service and support. On the side, though, I maintained my production skills, with a view to working in the field of music again.


Since 1996, I have worked on several radio stations, both within public service and private radio. I have engineered mixes for a number of artists on radio broadcasts have also worked within TV productions.


I have also run some web radio stations and, through this, I have started creating music again. Now we are here, in the present day, with a few ongoing projects and several upcoming.


Thank you for your interest - Caj Rosenqvist