Introducing Mandalay Blonde:

The multinational rock band Mandalay Blonde takes its name from a recurrent character in a series of Chris Hammer novels and features musicians and producers from four different countries.

Ongoing collaboration has spawned recordings that have drawn on its contributors’ vast array of influences; the end result is a suite of songs in a classic, west coast rock vein. Genesis-wise, the songs had their roots in a project between Phil Borrett (of Jet Black 3 fame) and Garry King (formerly associated with Jeff Beck and Joe Lynn Turner) at the La Foret Studio in southern France.

The instrumental results featured a blend of acoustic and electric instruments and ambient sounds; Phil’s judicious use of Ebow was complemented by Lucio Manca’s powerful and accomplished bass playing.

Rich Evans’ involvement came during the later stages of the process, when he wrote lyrics for the instrumental tracks. The resulting vocals were then recorded in the UK, sent to France for mixing and mastering and subsequently delivered to Caj Rosenqvist – head of Scandinavian label Crystal Pier Records. As a renowned producer himself, Caj’s interest was piqued by the material and he opted to add Mandalay Blonde to his roster of artists in order to release the band’s EP.